Data da segnare subito in agenda quella di venerdi 19 dicembre, quando la regina della NoWave Newyorkese LYDIA LUNCH si esibirà ai PnBox Studios di Pordenone per Scenasonica, con i Big Sexy Noise – progetto che condivide insieme a James Johnston e Ian White, chitarra e batteria dei Gallon Drunk.


Presentazione UK, web e video:

The unholy triumvirate of Big Sexy Noise featuring Lydia Lunch, James Johnston & Ian White of the notorious Gallon Drunk are dead set on proving once more that ROCK is alive and kicking, down and dirty and raunchier than ever. In September 2013, The Year of the Snake, Season of the Witch, Big Sexy Noise released the blistering balls-to-the-wall onslaught of Collision Course courtesy of Cherry Red Records.

· Collision Course is a propulsive double disc featuring an unreleased live performance recorded in Italy, which proves just how much nasty fun three naughty noisemakers can conjure up, as well as the their last full studio LP Trust the Witch. Relentless, outrageous, melodic, contagious, Collision Course is Big Sexy Noise at their brutarian best unleashing a torrent of hard rock, post punk and gutter up black and blues.

· From the pounding classic rock of MahaKali Calling to the swampy voodoo infused Trust the Witch, or the garage punk title track and through the back door of the savage funk of Ballin’ the Jack, to the crushing finisher of Forever on the Run, Big Sexy Noise throw down the gauntlet and dare you to shake your ass, lose your inhibitions, and for fuck sake…ROCK.